Accelerating innovation
for a resilient society

The current Covid-19 pandemic shows just how vulnerable we are as a society, impacting our basic human needs and freedom. At the same time, the crisis gives a huge boost to the adoption of technologies that support the way we communicate and collaborate, making us more resilient in the long run.

Holst Centre’s innovations for health tracking, unobtrusive monitoring of vital signs, batteries, wireless distance estimation and air quality monitoring are contributing to a more resilient society. At Holst Centre, we are determined to keep developing technology that responds to the global societal challenges of tomorrow.

A perfect example is the Vitality programme that Holst Centre launched this year. The goal is to research how health care and personal care technology can improve the wellbeing of our work force. In this crisis the vitality topic is, of course, more relevant than ever. We need to completely rethink the concept and purpose of an office as a place that supports you to stay healthy.

Kathleen Philips & Ton van Mol

At Holst Centre, we are launching new research roadmaps to support people in a healthy lifestyle with maximum fulfilment, from MedTech for health diagnosis and disease prevention to innovations that augment people’s capabilities in a world where technology evolves at an exponential pace. Moreover, we are very proud that we could launch LionVolt BV in 2020 to commercialise our revolutionary battery concept and help the energy transition by offering safe, Cobalt-free, high-capacity, high-charging-speed batteries.

Despite the virus outbreak and thorough safety measures, work in our research facilities continued without significant delays. And we are very proud of our team that showed great flexibility and optimism in these challenging times. Together with our partners, we have brought many innovations to a higher technology-readiness level. Similarly, our application partners constantly feed us with new research challenges. At Holst Centre we are really looking forward to keep working with you, and hopefully meet each other again, in person, in 2021! Together we can accelerate innovation today to create a more resilient society tomorrow.

Kathleen Philips

General Manager imec at Holst Centre

Ton van Mol

Managing Director TNO at Holst Centre